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Prince of Tides.

We’re having some fun knocking off achievements, like Prince of Tides… but when we get together for a random heroic, RNG hasn’t been too kind as far as new heroics go.

Grim Batol and Deadmines were a lot of fun, bringing us to 6 out of the 9 heroics completed in a guild run.

<Fidelity> now has all 9 of our core members at 85, we’re just one healer short as we look at getting into raiding in the new year.

Cataclysm Heroics.

We had our first guild run of a heroic dungeon last week, hitting up Throne of Tides for the daily random heroic. We had polymorph and hex for some solid CC and had a great time dealing with non-trivial boss mechanics. The challenge of Cataclysm heroics are a welcome change and something we’ve enjoyed sinking our teeth into.

We’ve blasted through 4/9 of the Heroic Dungeon’s and as RNG for the daily and scheduling allows, we’ll be through the rest of them shortly.

Whipshamazin: Realm First Illustrious Leatherworker

<Fidelity> bagged a realm first yesterday, with Whipshamazin (the guild’s first 85) maxed out Leatherworking.

Big congratulations to Whippy on Realm First! Illustrious Leatherworker, and also hitting 85.


Cataclysm hits tonight, and we are fortunate to have 9 core members ready to go. Our vacant position is for a Shaman healer, but a suitable Paladin would also do the trick.

If you are interested in joining the team, head on over to our recruitment page which links to all the relevant information and the application template.