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Magmaw 10 Man Normal

Despite getting Magmaw down a week earlier with only 7 guildies, we were pleased to follow it up with an official guild kill.

Baradin Hold Guild Run

We got enough guildies online this week to complete our Baradin Hold Guild Run achievement. Surprise, surprise with no Paladins present two Paladin PvP pieces dropped. Some of our alts have had a little better luck in there, so if you’re a holy Paladin looking for a guild, come and have a run with us. Murphy’s law will at least ensure that they rest of us pick up some gear if you don’t.

We were a little short staffed for our first raid week, but we did manage to get a group up to kill Magmaw and have a good look at Omnitron as well.

We’ve set the oven to Cataclysmic.

Set the oven to Cataclysmic

Despite the popularity of our three Engineers’ Goblin BBQs, I had a hankering to get a stew on. So 3500 South Island Iced Teas later, we’d set our oven to Cataclysmic.

I hadn’t seen the design of the Broiled Dragon Feast before I set one down for a quick guild run through heroic Vortex, and was pleasantly surprised with a giant cauldron of slow cooked meat.

Broiled Dragon Feast


Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero

We finished off the Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero today with Heroic Stonecore and Lost City. We decided while we had a guild group together, to forgo Valor points in favour of finishing off heroics for the guild.

The Standard of Unity looks great with the guild crest, and goes nicely with our guild page.

As we come out of the holiday season, we’re looking to commence our raid schedule from 19th January. we are looking for a core healer, as well as a couple of locum rank members to fill out the roster.