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Chimaeron 10 Man Normal

A fun fight, that only took a few attempts to get the hang of. We were very comfortable with the healing early on. There’s something quite therapeutic about the boss mowing down your guildies in a prescribed order at the end of the fight, and having only a couple left standing.

Conclave of Wind 10 Man Normal

Yes, that is Tinytee on a little tiny tiger.

Valiona / Theralion 10 Man Normal

We defeated Valiona and Theralion on our first night of attempts, but neglected to line up for the boss kill screen shot. [Theralion's Mirror] dropped first time around, so it’s nice to see some BiS loot starting to drop.

Halfus 10 Man Normal

After a much steeper learning curve with different drake combinations, it was a lot of fun to one shot Halfus this week, and pick up the achievement The Only Escape in the process.

Guild Level 10

<Fidelity> hit level 10 today! A reasonable feat for such a small guild. We’re also very close to the Mix Master achievement as well, so it’s definitely time to start Chug-a-lugging.

Maloriak 10 Man Normal

Omnitron 10 Man Normal