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Al’Akir 10 Man Normal

A great two nights of raiding saw every boss but Nefarian defeated, including our first kill of Al’akir.

Here are some of the highlights across the two nights:

  • Fantastic interrupts for the Achieve-a-tron achievement. It was particularly nice as a tank feeling almost redundant interrupt wise while tanking Arcanotron.
  • Hitting 9 bosses across 4 different raids in a single 3 hour sitting.
  • The best CC pull ever! We had a sap in advance, but the two binds and a sheep freeze all but one mob in place simultaneously on the lead up to Valiona and Theralion.
  • Hitting the It All Adds Up achievement.
  • Hitting guild level 14.
  • Our first kill on Al’Akir, and one shotting Cho’gall.
  • One shotting Conclave of Winds with several toons new to the fight was also quite satisfying (as was watching the DPS into the bosses and realising just how much quicker it was going to be than our first kill).

If I’ve left any out, please let me know in the comments!

Cho’gall 10 Man Normal

Cho’gall dropped dead tonight after two sub 5% wipes and one at 0.2%. Very consistent improvement throughout the night, and the final kill was quite relaxed.