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Alysrazor 10 Man Normal

Alysrazor was a fun fight to learn and execute and a nice change of pace for tanks. We had Bioderm up top Pyroblasting, Igniting and Combusting the boss to smitherines leading to a comfortable kill before Alysrazor had a chance to land for the third time.

Baleroc 10 Man Normal

After finishing off Lord Rhyolith, we immediately moved on to Baleroc, glad to be working on a new boss. We two tanked, three healed Baleroc which presented some additional challenges (it seems popular to go with 6 DPS and either 1 tank, 3 healers or 2 tanks, 2 healers). Firstly, hats off to our DPS who on the first solid attempt handling the mechanics well, were spot on the enrage timer. Secondly, the rotation for tank and torment healing with three healers was loose enough that healing seemed to be feast or famine as the rotation overlapped or got a little out of sync. Having worked through the fight in only 10 attempts, I can’t wait to get back in there to try out some different configurations.

Lord Rhyolith 10 Man Normal

After a couple of weeks of holidays, disconnects, lag and server restarts (including last night)… we were all present, lag free(ish) and had a great time finishing off Lord Rhyolith, which we’d had very few trouble free attempts on previously.

Without the other hassles, Lord Rhyolith is a fun fight. We had Noondez directing the action and Moordenar and Estadoug focussed on the legs, which made a formidable team driving the boss. So much so we picked up a realm third Not An Ambi-Turner.

Beth’tilac 10 Man Normal

Spider… dead. Enough said.

Shannox 10 Man Normal

Our first week in Firelands was an interesting mix of death by Turtle, instance and server restarts, tons of BoEs and patterns and finally Shannox.

The nerfs to trash didn’t go unnoticed, as our first night was a gigantic trash fest, followed by a quick look at Shannox and of course… more trash. Our second night saw a lot more work on Shannox, but instance and server restarts (and of course starting again on trash at the end of the night) disrupted things a little. Finally the last night was a one shot on Shannox followed by a great time learning the Beth’tilac fight.

All in all we had 3 BoE’s on our first night, 1 BoE on the second and finally a surplus hit caster staff on the third. We got a swag of patterns before the drop rate nerf, which will come in handy when the living embers start rolling in.