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Bioderm, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil

We have been spending a lot of time in the last couple of weeks on Ragnaros, which has been the most unforgiving normal mode encounter of the expansion so far. In the mean time, Bioderm has been progressing nicely on the quest line for the legendary staff.

The previous raid night was spent clearing the farm bosses, while Bioderm ran around collecting fragments and charging foci for the quest line. The process was quite seamless for the rest of the raid, although we do like our fire mage to be the star of the show (with tanks as second billing) on Alysrazor, so having him running around on the ground collecting fragments while we sent a variety of toons into the air was an interesting experiment. It was more than worth it however, if only for the first pull. Unable to contain his excitement, Bioderm marched right up to a hatchling egg, got immediately imprinted and consumed.

The Delegation quest event in Firelands was a blast, and made for a nice interlude between ripping Majordomo to bits and getting stuck into Ragnaros. Congratulations to Bioderm on the first weapon on the way to the legendary, [Branch of Nordrassil].

Majordomo Staghelm 10 Man Normal

The amount of control a group gets to exert on the tempo of the Majordomo Staghelm makes it a fun fight to learn as a guild. With a Druid, Disc Priest, Paladin heals and Paladin tank there are plenty of defensive and healing cooldowns to go around, so we could push the first two phases quite long.

The Burning Seeds and Flaming Orbs added some spice to the encounter, and once we got to grips with them we bagged ourselves the first of many tier shoulders.  Now bring on that Flamescythe!