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9 Man Heroic Morchock, Heroic Yorsahj

He's not getting back up from this one...

What to do when you have the double whammy of being one short, and having to call a raid night early? 9 man some heroic bosses! We are a very small guild, and real life can really get in the way of filling up a raid group, but we roll with the punches and try and get as much done as we can. Sometimes that involves spontaneously finding a guest raider from the wider Dath’remar community. which particularly when attempting progression hardmodes can be a little bit of a lucky dip. We have at times found some great guest raiders, but as any guild does, we have stories about some nightmares too (even though they looked great on paper).

So rather than try and find that special someone, we put our heads down and got to work on a short raid night. First up, heroic Morchok… We decided to go with three healers, since at 15% nerf the enrage timer wasn’t going to be a problem. Since we had only 4 characters on one side, we decided to stack Jondy and Kal healing on one side, with Moordenar soaking. Looking at the healing required after the fight, this was complete overkill in dealing with the extra stomp damage being split between fewer people. On the other side we had Noondez both healing and soaking, resplendent in plate, with shield. One shot.

Next up was heroic Yor’sajh. We figured with the 15% nerf and about 1/6 (or 16.66 (repeating of course)) less DPSers it made sense we should be able to get him down. Yor’sahj turned out to be a relative non-event with a lack mechanics that involved a particular number of characters and we one shot him too.

Heroic Zon’ozz was a different matter. We did manage to have a few pulls on him before we called the raid, but with only 9 characters, split damage mechanics and a little hole in our DPS on adds in the black phase he got away from us. It was a fantastic challenge and great practise as we rocked up to DS and one shot him the following night.

Fangs of the Father

Glorious Wings

On March 25th 2012, Moordenar completed the Fangs of the Father, and has been slashing [Golad, Twilight of Aspects] and [Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages] through bosses ever since. To see Moordenar unleash hell simultaneously on a Claw of Go’rath and Zon’ozz is a thing of beauty.

Slow falling through a stormwind night

The perk for Fangs of the Father is the ability to spread your wings and slowfall, which in addition to [Orb of Deception], Nitro Boosts, Flexweave Underlay and /dance gives Moordenar another great way to make an entrance!

If you want to get an impression of the legendary quest line for the fangs, Blizzard has released a series of videos showing the quests in motion.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest

Bioderm takes a knee for Dragonwrath

All the way back on the 21st of December 2011, Bioderm completed [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest], and the guild rejoiced! We had already completed our Firelands meta achievement, and cleeared all but Madness on Dragonsoul… but Bioderm was so close to finishing the legendary that we went back and gave Ragneros and co. a damn good thrashing.

Fidelity gathers around Bioderm

It was just in time too, as the next evening we went into Dragon Soul to finish off Deathwing before our Christmas / New Years break.

Giant Etherial Bio, complete with flashlights

Completing the staff gave us a legendary collection, and a a new pet for the guild!