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Sha of Pride 10 Man Heroic

Sha of Pride 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

We killed heroic Sha of Pride on the 17th pull, not too long after starting back into it on our second night of attempts. The major difference? You guessed right, we started the second night of attempts two healing.

For fights with mechanics that get overwhelming over time, there is often no way around it but to throw more damage into the mix. While dispelling was easier with three healers, Jondy and Noon admirably handled the extra damage, and Hydona got to break out the lasers again. For Sha of Pride, all execution being equal the longer the fight lasts, the more pride raiders have, and more insane the damage gets. So it is often a choice between three healers chilling out and then attempting to heal the impossible, or two healers juggling dispels and some dangerous damage before heroically saving the day.

The major difference between our good attempts and our kill was all about managing the rifts of corruption around the room. You can only close a rift once every minute, and the trick is to do that as often as possible while dealing with the other positional requirements of the fight. You want to be loosely stacked most of the time to make healing as efficient as possible, but without crowding your fellow raiders while you all dodge the projectiles incoming from the rifts. Less rifts is less dodging and less pride, which keeps the fight under control for longer.

Since pride matters significantly more in heroic, Tanks need to taunt extremely quickly for Wounded Pride. That by itself isn’t too dificult (espeically when you create a giant weak aura for it) but it does take some practise to maximise rift soaking, picking up adds and breaking raiders out of prisions while not letting your fellow tank get hit while he’s feeling particularly sensitive.

Unfortunately, as a tank I didn’t get to play with the Banishment (or Pac Man) mechanic. By the time we had our kill everyone was quite adept at navigating the maze, and we were nuking the physical pride remnant very quickly.

We let the tanks handle the reflections, mostly to increase overall DPS into the boss. Esta would grip the Manifestation of Pride and nuke it down. One attempt, he had to cry out for help with the beast… even though he was outnumbered 5 to 1 was shouldering most of the burden alone. We didn’t make getting raiders with Gift of the Titans closest to the manifestation a big priority, but anyone with the wherewithal to do so has the combined thanks of the guild. Corrupted Prisons were fun on heroic, particularly when combined with a Mark of Arrogance at the same time.

It was great to see the Pride mechanic kicked up a notch, and our first piece of heroic Tier gear fall.