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Malkorok 10 Man Heroic

Malkorok 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

Heroic Malkorok was definitely a step up from both Iron Juggernaut and Nazgrim. We killed it in a similar number of attempts (54) as Shamans (44) but it definitely felt like it should have been quicker.

Malkorok is just one of those unforgiving fights. None of the mechanics is particularly complicated, and we had the pleasure of single tanking the blood rage as our resident Beard-Sprite stood firm against the assault. However, with all the balls, and the pass / fail on getting in the purple swirlies the fight is challenging.

On our kill we had not one… not two… but three warlocks. They were all narrowly eclipsed in DPS prowess by Esta and Vell on the kill, but the damage charts did have an impressive band of purple all within 1.5% of each other.

Two healing and solo tanking made the enrage timer a reasonable proposition. We positioned each healer either side of the boss, and positioned two DPS at intervals between each healer around the room. Since Esta is our only melee, we had a DPS spare for some redundancy on one side. Aside from ‘accidental’ ball collision, we only used classes with immunities (let’s just call them Paladins) to clear balls during the regular phase. Then during blood rage, we’d go a little nuts trying to clear the room with defensive cooldowns and all that spare healing that wasn’t directed at Hagrim. Repeat. Win.

General Nazgrim 10 Man Heroic

General Nazgrim 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

Heroic General Nazgrim was a quick one, going down in four attempts. The fight is remarkably similar to normal, with everything dialed up quite a bit.

Execute wasn’t as exciting as it first seemed. After absorbs and mitigation, the average execute that actually got through to tanks was 435k. Considering our health pools are around the million mark, the damage is relatively easy to handle. I did manage to absorb more than a million damage to fully prevent one execute, and the largest that got through was over 800k. Execute’s interaction with Sundering Blow is important and enough to keep tanks extra focused on their active mitigation.

In our experience, the Kor’kron Snipers would always target a healer. Our healers made sure to have the sniper facing towards a wall so that they didn’t spray Multi-Shot over the whole raid. Other than that, the snipers didn’t pose a significant problem unless we really started to get behind clearing higher priority adds (Warshaman and Arcweavers).

We found the DPS requirement quite reasonable and for a first kill the 10% till death window lined up nicely coming out of defensive stance for a quick zerg before enrage.

The most impressive part of our execution came after the kill, where we managed to get our bananas in a very similar position to our normal mode kill shot.