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Tectus Heroic

Tectus Heroic Fidelity

<Fidelity> is back from our usual Summer break, with very little time to raid before the break we were itching to get back into Highmaul. Easing our way back into the raid, we finished off normal mode Imperator, and set our sights back on Heroic mode.

The (relatively) passive gear accumulation while on a break from raiding was immediately apparent. We blew through Kargath Bladefist, and decided to hit The Butcher right in the face. After trying the boss before the break somewhat undergeared, he seemed positively manageable. Four attempts later, he was dead. We detoured to pick up a Twin Ogron kill before hitting up Brackenspore. Another four attempts was enough to see another new boss fall.

Finally, we arrived at our third new boss for the night, Tectus, the Living Mountain. New being a relative term of course, having cleared the instance on normal mode already. The Tectus fight started swimmingly, killing add and giving the boss a good what for! Half way through the fight, we lost a couple of DPS to a Tectonic Upheaval and could only resurrect one. Only 30 seconds later, we lost another couple simultaneously to a Crystalline Barrage, and had to wait for the resurrection timer before reviving a second lost damage dealer. Finally, amidst the cries alerting us all to both the impending enrage and corpses, the phrase ‘we’ll be fine’, was enough to head down and power through the last of the motes for a one shot kill.

So after conveniently skipping blog posts for many bosses… we’re all caught up at 5/7H. I’ll be posting our boss kill photos with some (hopefully) terse comments for previous kills as time permits.