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Hellfire Assault Heroic

Hellfire Assault Heroic Fidelity

Hellfire Assault was a little bit of a shock to the system on day one of Hellfire Citadel. Sure it’s a great way to develop a bond between a new tanking pair, as the waves of adds just piled up, and berserker after hulking berserker crushed us into dust. Esta and I barely had time to enjoy watching Hagrim swing his mighty two handed weapon as the stout dwarf conceded that his schedule couldn’t sustain him through our assault on the citadel.

After a number of pulls, we yelled, “this’ll be nerfed”, and switched to normal mode. To say the difference between normal and heroic modes was like night and day is an understatement. It might be more like the difference between a nightmare and sipping your favourite beverage, in your favourite outfit, with your favourite people in your favourite climate. All of a sudden there was no need to single target, since the adds just exploded. As if in one last hurrah, Hagrim was a divine storm so bright it could not be eclipsed by mages of fire or newly buffed frost DKs. It was magnificent, and all too soon… it was over.

So the boss was nerfed, not just once, but twice while we tackled normal mode bosses. When we returned to Heroic Hellfire Assault, we three healed with Kal turning purple (and heads!) for a raid of 14. The extra damage more than paid off in reduced healing as we could more easily get through the high priority adds (vehicles and felcasters) and clean up berserkers before the slam debuff got out of control.

We started the fight with heroism, and got Mar’tak out of the way as quickly as possible. Then the rest of the fight boiled down to getting through the adds fast enough that the fight remains under control. It was so hectic towards the end of the fight, that the kill took a few of us by surprise. In total, it was 19 attempts for a satisfying kill.