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Heroic Wrathion

Wrathion Heroic Fidelity

We killed Heroic Wrathion in 10 attempts with an average iLvl of 431.6. As the very first raid in patch 8.3 for the Ny’alotha raid we had, for us, a massive group. Nineteen raiders. Nineteen! Our shiny new cloaks ranged from, “I have one! /fistpump”, to “there’s a legendary cloak?”, to “Level 5, /flex”.

It took us a few tries to get the hang of where it was safe to stand during Burning Cataclysm. There was an awful lot of life gripping going on. I’m still not sure if people really believe that Incineration does drop off damage (i.e., the further away from fellow raiders you get the better). In the second phase, we adjusted from killing the assassins to letting them be and focusing the remaining shards. Once we could clear all the shards during the phase, we secured a kill.

The ephemeral dragon wings from [Humming Black Dragonscale] look pretty awesome.