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Heroic Denathrius

We killed Heroic Sire Denathrius in 95 attempts, with 16 raiders and an average item level of 212.4. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to kill it before the nerf, even with several sub 4% attempts. While it was particularly frustrating to get so close with no kill, a lot of guilds must have been struggling as our ranking on wowprogress jumped by thousands.

Pre nerf, we struggled with our usual changes in group size. Having a group of 16 for the kill was almost a luxury after fielding on average 12 – 14 raiders. We also succumbed to some very silly deaths, including raiders being flung off the platform. With the mirror dancing, battle resurrections were problematic and the odd bug where a dead body was literally out of line of sight, or the body not returning to the middle of the platform did not help matters.

We persisted. We had the first phase down so well, we were at risk of people falling asleep and dying for no good reason, or even sillier, the odd time we didn’t stop DPS and the boss transitioned before everyone had cleared enough stacks.

We struggled to meet the DPS tuning of the encounter, even on the rarest of pulls where weren’t searching for an extra battle res. I think our best attempt pre-nerf was getting a relatively clean transition into the last phase with Denathrius at 42%.

Post nerf, we initially tried to short circuit the first phase in four casts (instead of six) of cleansing pain, until Jorday suggested a method where we could still stagger our burden of sin stacks and get done in five.

Once that was sorted, and we shook off the sillies, we had a pretty clean kill!