The Stone Guard 10 Man Normal

Welcome to Mists of Pandaria, everyone! We managed to get the team up and running ahead of schedule and have a peek into Mogu’shan Vaults during the opening week.

Our combination for The Stone Guard was Amethyst, Jasper and Jade. For some reason (even though a quick google search should help) I could not grasp that Jasper was associated with the colour red. Until I made Jasper my focus target, my brain almost exploded every attempt.

Our positioning strategy was to have Dambrath tank two guardians, and myself one. Each time the single guardian begain to petrify, we would trade targets, with the highest energy of the pair being tanked by itself. The taunt timing had a reasonable learning curve, particularly when the single guardian started to petrify at the begining of the encounter. You need to get that puppy a friend, fast.

Aside from guardians overloading without petrification, the other major source of deaths was Jasper’s chains. To deal with both the chains and amethyst pools, we grouped up the ranged and healers into a tight pack. Each time a pool spawned under them, they would move (left, left, left, left, back, right, right, right…) and we would walk the two bosses down the length of the room, turning at the end. When a ranged DPS or healer was chained to Carboxylate (Esta’s DK), they would cuddle up to him for the rest of the encounter. We had some fun experimenting with breaking the chains during Jasper’s petrification but the variable time between starting petrification and overloading caused some pretty spectacular deaths.

Once the taunt timing was sorted, people moved quickly for chains and the amethyst pools, we scored our first kill in Mogu’shan Vaults.

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  1. 16:25, October 22, 2012Carboxylate  / Reply

    I’d like to thank golden banana. Without nature’s energy food, I’m not sure if this kill would of been possible.

    Also, credit to the tanks on stepping up on the first boss of the expansion. It’s nice to see tanks doing things other than providing a pretty face to smack

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