Feng the Accursed 10 Man Normal

The idea of using a bosses own abilities against them is great, but there are a few tricks to getting it all to work as expected.

Firstly, the most obvious one is that the Shroud of Reversal must be cast on another player. I was really looking forward to being able to place it on myself, since coordinating things inside my own brain is easier than coordinating with other people.

Secondly, the Shroud of Reversal is a channeled ability. If you time it so that you hit the ability while your target is stunned, it will stop immediately which can cause a little confusion later on. It’s also important to note that if you channel the ability with no result, the ability doesn’t go on cooldown.

Lastly, if your target doesn’t get hit by Lightning Fists, you can’t mimic that ability. Everything else is unavoidable, but it’s important that if you want to steal Lightning Fists, that you assign someone to get hit by it. We used Noondez, since often the Lightning Fists shockwave would appear to sail right over Dambrath’s head.

So with the Shroud of Reversal understood, you can give your healers a break from compensating with a massive amount of healing when Nullification Barrier isn’t up.

We had ranged and heals stack up right in the middle of the room, and faced Feng along the edge of the circle. Dambrath would run to the center (RUN TO THE CENTER!) and drop Nullification Barrier for the first Epicenter. I’d grab Lightning Fists and stun for the second and repeat. There wasn’t an attempt yet (including our second (one shot) kill) where that worked perfectly (either from no one being stunned, or the ability on cooldown) and our healers would provide the healing to get through an Epicenter with no assistance.

As soon as the second phase started, we blew Heroism and launched into the boss. Dambrath dropping the Nullification Barrier to absorb the Wildfire during the first and third Draw Flames worked well, and with Heroism we avoided a fourth. With increased gear, I suspect we should be able to save heroism for the last phase for our third kill. Shroud of Reversal is fantastic for Flaming Spear as a damage increase, but I’m yet to be quick enough to steal Wildfire Spark from anyone.

In the last phase the timing of stacking up for Arcane Velocity and then spreading out for Arcane Resonance caught us out a couple of times, but once we were more aggressive with spreading out before the next resonance we put Feng to rest. When you have someone with Arcane Resonance during Arcane Velocity, they need some serious heals, and we had some great examples of that while we were working on the boss.

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