Elegon 10 Man Normal

Elegon deserves not just one but two bananas, as he was quite a step up in difficulty from the previous bosses this tier. We ran with 2 tanks, 2 heals, 6 DPS and were lucky enough to have Dries back in the mix for the kill.

Phase one is a great example of where active mitigation for tanks makes tanking a lot more engaging. Depending on the number of stacks of Overcharged, Celestial Breath hits pretty hard and it’s all magic damage. Trading extra physical damage mitigation for absorption and healing can prevent the healers from freaking out. Active mitigation isn’t just about reducing overall incoming damage as much as possible, but helping to smooth out the dangerous damage spikes.

Whipshamazin gave a great show and tell, standing right on the edge of the circle with the Touch of the Titans debuff, and then only jumping to clear Overcharged. The goal is to have as much uptime of titans as possible while clearing overcharged efficiently, particularly when large amounts of damage are about to hit (e.g., when the Protectors and Energy Charges die).

For the second phase, we tried a number of different allocations, but what worked for our kill was having two tanks on one energy charge, 5 DPS on their own energy charge and the last DPS free to multi-dot them all. Esta (Carboxylate) spread diseases to all the Energy Charges which did a whole lot of damage as well.

We killed four Energy Charges each time for our kill, but it took a significant amount of practise to achieve this consistently. It makes quite a big difference to the damage into the raid how people deal with their overcharged debuff during this phase, as the Energy Charges deal damage as they die.

For the third phase we had each of the DPS on a different Focus and earned the achievement: Straight Six. The achievement is nice, but our primary focus (if you’ll pardon the pun) was to reduce the incoming raid damage from killing the focus one at a time and stacking Overloaded on the boss for an unnecessary length of time.

Dealing with Cosmic Sparks in the third phase is non-trivial, particularly with the amount of raid damage. We had one tank, one healer and 3 DPS on each side and used a combination of stuns, roots and kiting to kill them without being squished. They hit pretty darn hard. Bastards.

Once we got into the last phase cleanly with 10 stacks of Draw Power it was a mater of stacking up and zerging the boss, with only the tanks running out to reset their stacks of Overcharged. Despite what seemed to be a very tight enrage timer, once we could get through Energy Charges consistently we killed the boss at 9m01s, very comfortably in front of the enrage.

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  1. 20:59, November 17, 2012Kalus  / Reply

    Woohoo well done guys. Sorry couldn’t be there for the kill. :)

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