Grand Empress Shek’zeer 10 Man Normal

Grand Empress Shek’zeer is a visually engaging fight. Watching guildies drive head long into Dissonance Fields and construct Amber Traps is a sight to behold. We were so organised in this fight with mantid, the following came to mind:

Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

We handled the dissonance fields pretty well, getting the explosions a good interval apart, with some great healing to top everyone off. When the adds came out, we tanked a half each, and zerged one sides worth of reavers while constructing the first trap. After the lone windblade was securely in his trap, we started in on the other bunch. We found that on normal mode, there is enough time to come close to killing the second windblade before the start of the next phase, without needing a second trap.

Once we got used the the transition, we had a blast running around and coating our friends with our Poison-Drenched Armor.

The transition to the final phase is pretty tight if you want to avoid a second adds phase. You don’t want to have Dissonance Fields explode during the last phase, but the adds phase starts about 9 seconds after the last field explodes. It a bit of a MOAR DOTS! STOP DOTS! MOAR DOTS! situation, but on our kill we nailed it.

For the last phase, we decided just to group up, having the luxury of not one but two elemental shamans and a priest. Fears don’t worry us in the least… Well… unless the people carrying the fear bomb do the right thing, get out of the raid, and are left wanting a dispel. It felt good to start being showered with tier gear again.

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