Protectors of the Endless 10 Man Elite

Very excited to be in Terrace of Endless Springs at the end of the night, Noondez asked, “Do you want to do Elite mode?”. “No”. To me at least, just the word ‘Elite’ conjured up images of difficulty beyond that of a heroic encounter. Also, if Noon asks a question that includes an option not to do something… my usual knee jerk reaction is to say no immediately, and perhaps buy myself a week before we get into achievements. However, Noon and Widget both took the time to explain just how easy the elite version of the encounter was and who could say no to, “a puddle here and a puddle there”? Oh, and the loot, the sweet, 503 iLvl loot. You had me at “easy”.

So we got our dispels on, and started beating on Elder Regail. Killing the elders in starting with Regail avoids Lightning Storm altogether which is a bonus. After he was taken care of, we started in on Elder Asani, and moved Elder Kaolan to the edge of the platform to deal with Defiled Ground. Asani summons and orb, which we nuke, and back to business as usual. To keep things entertaining (read: I’m making this up) we had a little competition to see who could dispel Cleansing Waters the quickest with Noondez / Tarnus sharing the honors narrowly topping the 7 characters who managed to participate. We also managed a tank swap to keep the debuff from defiled ground manageable.

When only Kaolan was left, it was nuke time, as we overlapped the huge Expel Corruption circles and killed the boss before we ran out of room. Killing the boss on our second pull with a one shot the following week (with a tank and DPS new to the fight) almost made us feel a little sorry for the Elders. Almost. Items like [Watersoul Signet] will see us happily dispatching them for weeks yet.

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  1. 13:39, February 8, 2013Kal  / Reply

    Woohoo go team. :)

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