Tsulong 10 Man Normal

The Night phase for Tsulong is pretty simple once the tanks have swapping Shadow Breath and managing their Dread Shadows stacks. We decided to use heroism right at the beginning of the fight to try and take as much health off the boss as possible.

Day phase is a little more challenging, with the healers trying to heal Tsulong as much as possible while dealing with the damage into the raid as well. We found that the timing for killing the Embodied Terrors was crucial, aiming to kill them so the Fright Spawns would be immediately killed by Tsulong’s Sun Breath. The first Terror gets gripped and killed immediately. The second terror is killed more slowly, for a later sun breath. The last terror is killed quite quickly as well. It was great to have an AoE stun and AoE interrupt for the fright spawns, since if they were allowed to cast Fright, things could get pretty ugly.

Killing off the Unstable Sha is the next priority, and we assigned DPS different directions to cover the spawn locations. Again, the use of stuns, slows and knockbacks helped manage the adds and avoid the massive damage they would do to Tsulong on impact, undoing our healers good work in this phase.

Our healers picked up healing Tsulong very quickly. We had a total of 6 pulls before our kill, and our last wipe saw all of our healers at around 100k HPS mark. If you’d like some specific tips from Jondy (resto Druid), Kal (disco Priest) or Noon (holy Pally) feel free to drop them a line.

The transition back into the Night phase can be a lot of fun depending on how many frights you have left up and how quickly the tanks can organise the boss to face in a sensible direction.

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