Feng the Accursed 10 Man Heroic

Heroic Feng introduces a whole new phase, and you’re allowed to chose the order of the phases. We went with the standard order:

Spirit of the Staff, with heroism right off the bat to get through the phase quickly.

Spirit of the Shield, which is the new phase. We would always nullify the first shield, and kill the adds on the next. For the Siphoning Shield, it is important that all characters (including the tank not currently tanking) are a reasonable distance away from the shield as it spawns. It is a good idea to stack up so that all the adds are in the same place to be AoE’d down. It is more important to slow and burst down the adds than to attempt to keep them in place with stuns, since after being out for a small period, they will heal the boss without getting to the shield. It is worth using Shroud of Reversal for Shadowburn in this phase, since it does a TON of damage to Feng.

Spirit of the Fist. As per normal, a nullification for the raid or stunning the boss during epicenter is required to prevent healers from blowing cooldowns unnecessarily.

Spirit of the Spear. On heroic, the damage in this phase is a lot higher, especially since we left it for last. However, it is the easiest to deal with and by the time we got to this phase it was smooth sailing for a kill.

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