Council of Elders 10 Man Normal

Council of Elders can be a pretty hectic fight, with lots of sources of damage. We’ve also had experience doing this boss with between one and three melee, and having the job as the third melee means a whole lot of target switching.

For Frostbite, we put up two flares on opposite sides of the inner circle as nominal stack points for two teams of three characters. Quicksand can interfere with the stack point, as can characters standing not even close to the flare… but unless you say something over mumble, that’s not going to change… so you’ll just have to chase them down.

A large source of significant random damage is Sand Bolt from Sul. Esta (Carboxylate, Frost DK) parked on Sul, and between he and Hagrim (Prot Paladin) took care of interrupts. On our first kill, Noondez (Holy Paladin), Tarnus (Elemental Shaman) and Whipshamazin (Elemental Shaman) handed out interrupts as well.

Another benefit of this strategy is that Sul dies a lot quicker. We still need to deal with two casts of Sandstorm, but we can finish him off well before he becomes empowered again. The downside of this strategy is that the four other DPS need to kick it into high gear to ensure that we get through each empowered boss before Dark Power.

We didn’t tank swap for the majority of the fight, and Hagrim would be healed through Frigid Assault and the 15 second stun. The only time I would taunt (Borgthor, Prot Warrior) Frost King Malakk was at the start of Sandstorm to ease the damage into Hagrim and avoid a stun when overall raid damage is also very high.

Tanking High Priestess Mar’li all fight gave me a chance to change my set up significantly. My damage taken was over 80% magic, so I focused on interrupts and shield barrier, taking Disrupting Shout and dropping Glyph of Heavy Repercussions. Since I couldn’t take Piercing Howl for the Loa Spirit, I grabbed Glyph of Hindering StrikesĀ  / Glyph of Incite for a slow, and Storm Bolt / Shockwave for stuns.

Thanks to Praka for coming in to heal!


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