Durumu the Forgotten 10 Man

Durumu got some graphical fixes after our first attempts on the boss, and the change was distinct. Given how much bad press the maze got, I’m personally (this is not necessarily the view of <Fidelity> as a whole) convinced it was a mistake to release it with the change from PTR. I’m biased, since I think patch 5.2 was just a touch early anyway.

Now with the maze less of an issue, it is still a pretty tense mechanic, with the path opening up so close to the instant death beam as to be unnerving at times. The maze is just one of those pass / fail mechanics you have to experience, loathe, understand and then enjoy. It’s what I call the 4 stages of learning mechanics in raiding.

Speaking of pass / fail mechanics…¬†Force of Will¬†from Durumu’s Mind’s Eye is just nutty. The dark cone is very hard to see, and if you rely on a DBM warning (DESTRUCTION!)… when it doesn’t go off you are in trouble. It’s not hard to avoid, but there’s enough going on with the rest of the encounter that it can be demoralizing. Psychologically, I think there is a big difference between doing something silly, getting killed with the potential of a battle res, and getting flung out of line of sight never to return.

We handled Life Drain well, with a daisy chain participating to keep the stacks low. Reducing the healing the boss receives makes a big difference to the DPS required to beat the enrage, which is important on a progression kill.

We ran Lingering Gaze puddles out as far as possible, mostly so that they didn’t interfere with navigating the maze.

For Light Spectrum, we have some seriously eagle eyed raiders… or I’m particularly bad at spotting the flashes for the crimson fog locations. Tanks soak the bright light, while healers and DPS are split between the red and blue beams while hunting down the crimson fog.

Once the mean time to an individual failing on a boss mechanic gets high enough, you have a good chance at a kill! (It’s before 9pm right now).

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  1. 13:00, May 17, 2013Carboxylate  / Reply

    There are not many mechanics that I do well at, but the ones that I do well they go and nerf so everyone can do well ><

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