Jin’Rokh the Breaker 10 Man Heroic

Heroic Jin’Rokh took us a little while to get to, with our first raid night of the week being a little hit and miss in the last couple of weeks. We’ve been busy though, making our way through some achievements (a post on that soon(tm)) and previous heroic modes.

Ionization ended up actually being the least of our worries with the change to heroic. We have a good range of immunities, and healers and DPS quickly got into a groove with moving out, dispelling and topping people off. Efficiency with ionization is pretty important for overall DPS, contributing to a benchmark of Jin’Rokh near 60% by the start first storm.

Being a human warrior tank has come in handy a few times, with the escape from the Thundering Throw stun working well to avoid having Hagrim hit with Static Wound. Our initial rotation was:

The goal is to have a tank with no debuffs be thrown, reduce the duration of the stun and taunt before the remaining tanks Static Burst turns into Static Wound.

The major hurdle for the encounter comes with Lightning Storm and Lightning Diffusion (bolts). There are some weird, wonderful and very specific tips out there for avoiding the bolts but here are some more general tips:

  • Have everyone in one quarter of the room. Players can roam where they like, but it’s important that they are in range of healers at all times.
  • Melee should aim to be in melee range of the boss if possible (Esta made great use of Death Strike and other melee and tanks can generate resources for self healing).
  • You don’t have to move a great deal. The focus should be on side stepping the bolts and finding places to pause, rather than freaking out and running around like a headless chicken.
  • Until you’ve hit the enrage… FORGET DPS during the storm. Focus all of your energy on defensive cooldowns and dodging the bolts. Healers don’t have this luxury of course. Even if you’re perfect on bolts Lightning Storm is not messing around and will kill you.

As a group gets more comfortable with the ionization mechanic, you can try and transition some defensive cooldowns from ionization to the storm phase. For example a shadow priest can use Glyph of Fade to reduce the ionization damage by 10% and save Dispersion for the lightning phase.

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