Horridon 10 Man Heroic

Horridon 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

We left attempting Heroic Horridon until our 5th heroic boss, and while it’s hard to tell with the gear differential and the number of different characters we’ve raided with over the last few weeks, it was probably a little easier than heroic Iron Qon or heroic Tortos, despite single tanking both of those encounters.

The joy of tanking Horridon for heroic is that virtually nothing changes since you get your ‘Pink Elephant’ very last. It was a lot of fun to watch the DPS numbers change in relation to the order DPSers were inflicted with their bright pink companion.

Learning the fight on heroic is much like the experience on normal. As you master each gate, you get to the next gate in much better shape and have better chance of getting through it intact. Particularly between the third and fourth gates, early attempts degraded into a mess of left over frosty adds, frozen orbs littered everywhere, some nasty bear-mounted shamans and pink elephants advancing in a menacing fashion. Later attempts were a little more like clockwork, with people cheekily taunting their pink buddies as they waltzed around them, preparing for the final zerg.

Once Jalak is out, the damage into the raid between Bestial Cry and Dire Call gets reasonably intense, and once Jalak is dead, Horridon starts to hit pretty hard (360k+ on plate, with Triple Puncture getting huge at high stacks). It is definitely worth disarming Jalak if you forgot that you used to on normal mode.

While the damage and healing requirement is much higher than normal, and the ‘Pink Elephant’ factor is significant, it pays to be extra vigilant with the mechanics from normal. You definitely want to avoid being hit by Double Swipe, which should be completely avoidable. For our first kill we used Time Warp (yey for Mages!*) on the third gate to burn down the Frozen Warlords for a cleaner transition into the fourth and final gate.

We will also manage to one shot the boss next week. Our shadow priest, Alrius, will have multi-dots going off like a frog in a sock. Good times.

* this is in no way to make up for the hilarious joke made about Treasures of the Thunder King and what useful items they may contain.

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