Norushen 10 Man Heroic

Norushen 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

Would you look at those bananas? That’s some great timing right there.

Heroic Norushen isn’t a whole lot different on Heroic compared to normal, since Blizzard didn’t really hit the mark with the mechanic changes they had intended. However, there are a whole bunch of extra portals and the enrage timer is reasonably tight on a first kill.

We experimented a bunch with different combinations of people taking portals straight up. Our experiments even included the ‘send a ton of DPS because that will be great for DPS’ which results in the raid just exploding and being overrun with adds

Four our first kill, we send Helly (Ademar) in on his priest as a disco smite machine straight up. It gave us that buffer we needed for both healing and DPS to comfortably kill the boss just before enrage. Since then we’ve two healed, making sure that we deal with the adds efficiently before we get carried away with getting all the DPS cleansed.

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  1. 10:01, January 30, 2014Estadoug  / Reply

    First Heroic kill in a while that I haven’t been there for :(

    As an aside, I love the screen shots. There is just enough room at the bottom for the windows start bar, meaning that they look great as desktop shots.

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