Thok the Bloodthirsty 10 Man Heroic

Thok 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

Thok the Bloodthirsty met his match in spectacular fashion. On the last pull of the night, a steady night of progression peaked to obliterate the boss before the fire phase could begin… but things weren’t always that effortless.

Just getting to Thok has been a bit of a struggle over the last couple of months. We’ve been recruiting for new members, and had some key members chain their absences to make our roster look a delicious hunk of Emmental. However, we have met some lovely people from Khaz’goroth, our connected realm partner and have made the most of those pesky extra upgrades (heroic scenario anyone?).

Thok clocked in at 65 attempts, and once we got into the meat of him… progression was pretty solid as we learned the strategy. Phase one became comfortable quite quickly, quite often needing to stop healing to avoid hitting that 31st deafening screech.

Kiting Thok between phases definitely required a major adjustment from normal mode. We kited across the room, down the the back right cage, diagonally across the room to the other cage and then whoosh!¬†we flew down to the entrance of the room courtesy of Wickedfoe’s warlock portal. We would usually kill the jailer before the third kite, and I would wait until the fourth kite has around two seconds left before opening the next cage (which meant the guy Thok ate didn’t have a chance to move and mess up our positioning). That all sounds simple enough, but it gets increasingly difficult when people are targeted twice in a row, and Wicked is so close to being Thok’s next meal that he can’t afford to throw up the portal.

The infusion of acid phase was the most difficult by far (which should be no surprise). The combination of the poisons and the bats can make for a lot of damage. We ended up having Hagrim (Paladin) tank Thok until the bats were dead, and me (Warrior) use a mocking banner to pick them up, and we’d AoE them down. Fortunately we had a variety of AoE stuns to assist as well. I found I could comfortably tank them in the middle of the two groups without risking my health dropping under 50% and potentially phasing Thok.

The infusion of frost phase is fun, if only for the Starved Yeti that breaks loose and runs around like a madman. In hindsight, we probably could have afforded to kill him off… but just getting out of his way seemed like the right thing to do. The taunt cycle for the freezing breath seemed very tight, but fortunately between bubbles and DPS breaking people out of ice tombs quicker than you can blink it wasn’t problematic.

I would love to tell you all about the infusion of flame phase, but we either hit it with people dead and mayhem ensued or… we avoided it all together. On that magical last pull of the night, everyone focused up, counted their 4/4 upgrades and boom! Killed before we could finish kiting after frost. I think we managed come in at under 60% after the first phase which was a great start to a well executed kill.

Many thanks to both Solidshot and Bigearrss from <Blacklotus Brotherhood>. They have been keen to raid with us over the last few weeks, and even convince their fellow guildies to come and get saved to a heroic lockout for just a couple of pulls when our roster has had some hiccups. It’s easy going guys like these, from a guild that has been around since classic that can turn potentially frustrating raid night into a blast.

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