Hellfire High Council Heroic

Hellfire High Council Heroic Fidelity

Hellfire High Council was another kill on our first attempt on heroic difficulty. Esta tanked Dia, while Borg tanked Jubei and Bloodboil. After killing these bosses on normal several times, heroic difficulty feels like paying just a little extra attention will make things go like clockwork. Raiders were practiced at laying reap puddles, dodging Jubei’s swords and taking it to the face like a hero when Bloodboil decides to fel rage.

Getting the bosses to 30% health one after was pretty well executed, with maybe just a touch too much damage into Dia to be comfortable. Bloodboil went down very quickly, and Jubei was pretty much bang on 30% as he died. Jubei went down quickly, and the healers didn’t look the least bit bothered by his windwalk. After we popped heroism, Dia got blown to bits, and Mark of the Necromancer come close to getting out of hand.

Our second new kill for the night. Onwards to our third…

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