Il’gynoth Heroic

Ilgynoth Heroic Fidelity

Il’gynoth Heroic was potentially not the easiest choice for a second progression boss (you’ll read later about a boss we one shot (no prizes for guessing which one)). We killed the boss with 20 characters, in 29 attempts with an average iLvl of 848.7.

Once people got used to kiting their adds, and the timing required to have them pass the eye when the raid would likely have time to kill them, the major challenge was burning the Corruptor Tentacles quickly to help minimise the number of Spew Corruption casts to deal with.

Despite the fight revolving around having two opportunities to strike at the heart, DPS was a non-issue, and survival was key. Spreading out for Cursed Blood during the heart phase felt a little cramped to begin with, but quickly felt routine. We used Heroism for the first set of Corruptor Tentacles in the second time in the first phase, since we didn’t need it for the Heart.

We’re looking forward to the day we can kill the heart in one phase.

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  1. 00:35, December 17, 2016Kalus  / Reply

    OMG I haven’t commented before now. Honestly thought someone would.

    Where’s my Kara post mwahahahaha

    But was nice to get eyeball down.

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