Heroic Maut

Maut Heroic Fidelity

We killed Heroic Maut in 18 attempts with an average item level of 449.5. We had 13 raiders on the kill.

As a tank, dragging adds (even if they move freely while casting) into puddles and back out again is a giant pain. Being in the puddle with 3 or 4 stacks Shadow Wounds is pretty dangerous, and when the add is in the puddle, no one can actually damage it. Having said that, we also had a surprising number of people flat out die to not being in the puddle when Stygian Annihilation when off.

During the second phase, it was fun to see how quickly people could nuke themselves to death. It seemed quite insurmountable at times, however, if everyone was happy and healthy going into the phase, we could drain Maut of mana with time to spare.

On the kill we went into the first Obsidian Statue phase at 60% which is a good benchmark while using heroism at the start of the pull. We had the boss quite low before a 3rd Obsidian Statue phase, and with better execution and more gear, we should be able to shave off that phase.

Thanks to Lahcim (Tam) for tanking!

** Jondy has handed over the photoshopping to Borg (guild overlay and design hers, screen grab of this boss’s pet… manipulated by me (clearly)). Reminder: I shouldn’t loot the boss until we’ve got the screenshot.

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  1. 11:15, February 10, 2020Desu  / Reply

    Flawless photoshop

    • 11:27, February 10, 2020Borgthor  / Reply

      Thanks for noticing <3

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