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Melee dps slot - DH havoc

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:11 pm
by Veltis
Character Name: Veltis

Battle Tag: Veld#1943

Character Class and Spec: Demon Hunter - Havoc

Offspec and relative proficiency: I have tank set up but have not used it on this class.

Your timezone: AEST - Melbourne

What rank are you applying for? Core Raider

Are you applying for one of our advertised vacancies? (Which one?) /trade melee spot advertised.

Have you discussed your application with anyone in game? Do you already know someone in the guild? I spoke briefly with Sarumash about the guild.

If applying for a Core rank, can you make our raid nights with 80% attendance? Yes, there will be occasions near end of trimesters I may need time off before an exam, but otherwise will always there for raid.

Do you have Discord (or are you able to install it)? (We recently migrated from mumble) Yes, I do.

Are you able to, and comfortable with talking over voice communication software? I am.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding experience. I've been a raiding for the majority of all of WoW's 12 years as tank, dps, and healer and have experience raid leading and guild management.
Vanilla - MC, AQ, spider wing of Naxx - most of time spent as a buffadin in 40 man's
TBC - Main tank bear for Kara, SSC, TK, BT, Sunwell
WoTLK - Ret dps, backup druid healer, and raid lead/recruitment for Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, ICC 25 mans HM - Main alt bear tank through expansion.
Cataclysm - Main tank pally for competitive guild through BoT, BWD, Throne of 4 winds. After break up moved to a semi-casual as tank/raid lead for Firelands and DS.
Panda - Pally Tank/raid lead for Mogu'shan Vaults and HoF - pugged through ToT and ToES - Healed as druid through SOO.
WoD - raid member - ret dps for BRF and highmaul - pally tank for HFC.
Legion - Demon hunter DPS - 7/7H EN

I've also played various alts and specs through most raid content through all raids to gear new guildies/alt runs.

Why did you leave your previous guild? Guild blew up behind the scenes, those of us not in the know don't know what happened but we are no longer raiding.

Why do you want to join <Fidelity>? I enjoy the small family home feel of the game with a collective of players that stick together to raid and play together. Larger guilds were never good for me and full of drama.

What can you offer <Fidelity>? I hope I would offer good experience to bring to the table while playing the newest class who is committed to raiding to end game each expansion - I'm not the best player in the world but I spend a lot of time working on my class to be the best I can and work on my profession to help provide supplies to my guildies. I'm in my 30's, enjoy good game playing with good people, and a full-time student.

What do you think <Fidelity> can offer you? A stable place to enjoy the play of the game and the progression I crave out of each expansion. I'm newer to the server and having a good group to call home is essential.

Re: Melee dps slot - DH havoc

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:21 pm
by Estadoug
Thanks for your application. We'll be in contact with you in game shortly.

Re: Melee dps slot - DH havoc

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:51 am
by Estadoug
This application has been accepted (which should come as no surprise to anyone, as they have already raided with us this week).