<Fidelity> organised extracurricular activities

<Fidelity> organised extracurricular activities

Postby Borgthor » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:32 pm

Just a quick heads up on some activities we have loosely planned that are being organised by Fidelity guild members.

ICC 25 achievements night this Friday night, 8pm-ish. All the achievements (and none (yes none, Noon) of the heroics) for the meta achievement that rewards a drake. Make sure you remind Noondez that getting on mumble is a great idea, and he should insist everyone does.

Herald of the Titans. We have a list of guildies about 7 or so deep that are interested in knocking off Algalon from Ulduar 10 in some old school gear. If you have a character that is at level 80 (or fast approaching) give Borgthor (or any Borg) a yell.

Heroic Ragnaros, T11 heroic modes and more... We have a few things to finish off from previous tiers that we are likely to get to once we are finished with dragon soul and waiting for MoP to hit. If you'd like to join us for that, reply to the thread so we can look you up when the time comes.
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