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Morchok 10 Man Heroic

Following our break, which included a one night clear of Dragon Soul, we opened up on heroic Morchok. The boss spliting into two, and introducing Kohcrom poses an interesting challenge for 10 man guilds where fights are generally designed for 3 healers. Our attempts with groups consisting of 1 Tank / 1 Heals / 1 Melee / 2 Ranged and 1 Tank / 2 Heals / 1 Melee / 1 Ranged were very close to a kill, but for our kill we had the opportunity to use four healers which made a big difference to the overall stability of the raid’s health.

The most troubling mechanic was the “second closest character to the boss gets double stomp damage”. We’re still not quite sure where exaclty in or around the boss this is measured from, so we resorted to the melee or healer soaking the extra stomp damage standing right on top of the tank. Between the positioning requirement, running back and fourth to the crystals and using precious GCDs for damage reduction abilities, heroic Morchock is not a melee friendly fight on 10 man.

The enrage timer was reasonably tight with four healers. I wasn’t quite sure how tight until I looked at the DBM warning in the [placeholder] screenshot above, letting us know we had 10 seconds left until enrage.

Thanks also to Hagrim for coming in and helping out for the kill.