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Galakras 10 Man Heroic

Galakras 10 Man Heroic Fidelity

It as been a while between drinks for Fidelity. In addition to our New Years break of a couple of weeks, our attendance either side of the break has prevented us from having a good crack at Galakras before now. While it was seven weeks between progression kills, we killed Galakras on our 13th attempt. Thanks to Feraltank (Leth) for helping out on his Bear.

Heroic Galakras is all about killing the proto-drakes flying around before they kill you. Once the first tower is open their Drakefire starts to hit harder and harder, so that in combination with the Flame Arrows and everything else, can lead to some large spike damage on individuals.

In our effort to get the job done, we decided to two heal. Noondez, as always was quite skeptical… but this time we wouldn’t have a bar of it. Not even one. Kal got out his chain lightning and zapped him, just to be sure.

We had Bio and Pesky take care of our engineer, and nuke the grunts. Over the course of several attempts, we sent more and more people up that first tower, leaving only Hagrim, Noon and Esta to fend for themselves and the rest of the trash. Once the sky was clear (aside from Galakras) the rest was pretty much smooth sailing.

For the final phase, we formed a triangle, with the two ranged groups remaining static, about 10 yards apart. We held Galakras in range of our helpful alliance buddies and just mowed him down. Even cycling cooldowns and popping heroism, things got a little hairy towards the end but staying still and letting RNG manage our stacks of Flames of Galakrond won out over doiing a crazy dance and Galakras fell.