Wind Lord Mel’jarak 10 Man Normal

Fresh from our 3 week break over the New Year, we ventured back into Heart of Fear to face off against Wind Lord Mel’jarak. We had a good look at the boss on Thursday night, with Hagrim back into the fold and on Sunday night, it was my turn to tank.

AoE. AoE Madness. AoE Madness with vengeance. Sure there’s a bunch of other mechanics to deal with at the start of the fight, but watching the DPS numbers just makes everyone a little giddy.

We impaled two healers, a trapper and a blademaster. The remaining healer was interrupted and had Kal on mass dispel duty for Quickening. We have improved vastly over time with breaking amber prisons and laying resin pools didn’t seem to cause us too many problems. Raid awareness with crowd control is important, and having guildies use their actual CC (hex, sheep etc) when mobs get loose while the mobs impaler gets broken out of an amber trap makes that first phase much less dangerous.

We attempted to kill the healer group first, then the blademasters followed by the trappers in quick succession. Depending on how good the timing is with this plan, the transition into the last phase can be very smooth. Firstly, killing all the adds off with time to heal up before the first extra painful Rain of Blades is a plus. However, if you do kill the trappers off before the blademasters, there’s every chance you’ll see one of your raiders comically explode to Kor’thik Strike from all three blademasters.

The second phase is intense as rain of blades really, really hurts and the cooldown is too quick to be able to have a significant cooldown for every one. It is very healing intensive. Just as problematic are the wind bombs, and dodging bombs (even while also dodging Whirling Blade) can’t be overstated. While it is important to conserve space in this phase by overlapping wind bomb placements, it is more likely that you’ll die to rain of blades damage or a wind bomb mistake than run out of room.


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