Norushen 10 Man Normal

Norushen 10 Man Normal FidelityNorushen was the first boss in a long while where we have hit the enrage timer, rather than the raid perishing (which can also be due to not meeting DPS requirements for particular mechanics).

We started out alternating one Tank one DPS to get purified, which is definitely overkill on the tank part of that equation. We tried sending a couple of DPS in at the same time, got overwhelmed with adds and promptly blew up. Then Esta suggested he and Bio kill the adds while being purified in the opposite order. This staggered the Unleashed Manifestation of Corruptions, so that Hagrim could tank and soak the puddle from one, getting to 100 corruption before being purified. I would tank the second UMoC and soak, getting purified as soon as Hagrim was back. This strategy allowed us to have two DPS purified very quickly, and have a lot higher tank uptime on the boss. It is important to note that we also got 6 Unleashed Essences of Corruption quickly, so people need to spread efficiently to soak their bolts initially.

We add our DPS purified by around 50%, and didn’t send any healers in to be purified (something I want volunteers for next time) and then nuked the boss down for the kill. You might notice that there are no players visible in the kill screenshot (although no one commented on it since it’s been up). Since we managed to score a kill just as we blew up, I thought we’d get a nice shot of Norushen doing his thing while we’re all splayed on the ground.

Thanks to Ralstino for a comment on Icy-Veins about spell reflect and mass spell reflect which made my life a lot easier while getting purified as a Warrior tank.

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  1. 20:12, September 14, 2013Kalus  / Reply

    I will put up my hand to go in for a healer portal. :)

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