Kilrogg Deadeye Heroic

Killrogg Deadeye Heroic Fidelity

Kilrogg Deadeye was killed on our third attempt on heroic difficulty. Our first attempt we had issues with extra terrors. Rending Howl is the destroyer of raids, and with more than one terror up it is very difficult to prevent. The second attempt we were cruising until about the 50% mark. We had a some issues with multiple heart seeker hits combined with a well timed Death Throes and we were toast.

Fortunately, the third attempt was back to our normal execution and we scored a kill. We used Esta to tank the boss full time as in normal difficulty. Fortunately, the Fel Corruption was able to be kept in check with our regular strategy. For each Vision of Death we send in one healer and two damage dealers. When the healer comes out, they can stand on the melee pile to clear the stacks of Fel Corruption. Failing that, I was able to out range the terror exploding on death to avoid Fel Rupture and the 30 stacks of Fel Corruption it applies.

Three new bosses on heroic mode in one night was a great way to end the raiding week.

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